Cloozes® strategies are focused on value creation and expansion. We aim to create value by increasing our earnings and realising the value of franchisees production, and to expand by growing our business in existing markets and entering new markets. In order to achieve this strategy, we have introduced a range of targets and action plans to help shape the Cloozes® of tomorrow.

The foundation of Cloozes® core business is the screen-printing markets Europe, based on the known and successful franchise strategy and methods. These are markets that we have got to know particularly well through our background and activities there, which have meant that we are building up strong and profitable positions in this market.

The markets in Cloozes® business portfolio are at different stages of development - some are mature with stagnating or declining because of the old fashion screen-printing method, while others are emerging and growing, due to the digital new world. These different stages of development often reflect standards of living, which means that factors such as income per capita and the size of the middle class will have a say in total promotion textile area and its growth. The markets are also undergoing major changes from an craftsmanship to a digitalised productions. This requires constant ad-aptation to a market situation featuring keen competition on marketing, innovation, cost-efficiency, and equipment investments and acquisitions.

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