A Master Licensee (Master Franchise) is a person or company who negotiates the rights for a territory, usually but not always a whole country. You administer the system for the franchisor in that territory. You appoint, train and receive fees from franchisees. You are usually seeking a substantial return on your investment. If you have the management and financial capability, and you are interested in building a large scale business, we invite you to browse through the Cloozes website, for further information.

The fundamental principle involved in international franchising is a partnership between a company with international aspirations for its brand, and an individual or organisation in a target country that is better equipped, both culturally and logistically, to handle its own market.

The Master Franchise combines a license (transferral of intellectual property rights), exclusive distribution agreement (for the franchisor's services and products), plus a commitment by the franchisor to provide initial and ongoing training and support to the Master Franchisee and its staff. Let us hear from you.

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